Sort function would be nice

5 years 10 months ago #8714 by alexhk
Sort function would be nice was created by alexhk
Am I the only one who misses a (manual) sort function?

I know there are a few workarounds like renaming the image file names, but changing a file name also requires to change the captions.txt file afterwards. It can get a lot of work quickly.

A manual sort function would be nice, maybe using some special characters in the file name to keep compatibility?


Or something along those lines??

Or simply showing the images in the order of the lines inside the captions.txt file?
I realize that only would enable sorting for the people who actually use a captions.txt file. But I have no better idea at this moment, except creating another file (sort.txt) that would again duplicate things a little bit.

Other than that, I love your script :)
5 years 10 months ago #8716 by Vitja
Replied by Vitja on topic Sort function would be nice
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