How does the token work for SIGE Param button?

6 years 6 months ago - 6 years 6 months ago #7734 by etkritikonspoudon
How does the token work for SIGE Param button? was created by etkritikonspoudon

I have installed SIGE and the new Editor Button Plugin and I am looking to understand exactly how the token thing works...

In two different Joomla installations, on the same server and the same account (one is installed in public_html, the other in a subfolder), I am getting two different behavious, but with the same result: inserting parameters through the editor button does not work.

Let me just start by saying that I have indeed entered a Token in the relevant field in the plugin's parameters in both Joomla! installations (different token though) is what happens next:

1) In the site that is installed in a subfolder of the public_html, I get a 403 code when the editor button's modal window pops up....can't edit anything there, just seeing a Litespeed forbidden message

2) In the site that is installed in the public_html folder, the SIGE editor button's modal window with all the options does load, but after I set all options needed and press "Insert" I get a message: "Invalid Token"...
Do I have to enter the token again somewhere when editing the article? I don't get could it be "invalid"?

In both cases, the articles are accessed from the backend and through the SuperAdmin account...any ideas?

6 years 6 months ago #7740 by Uhtred
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