How to exclude JCE extension in Lazy Load?

5 years 4 months ago #8526 by gorangrovoes
I love the Lazy Load extension I just installed. Everything is working wonderfully with an exception of images not showing up that have JCE media box properties applied to them. Those images are used as anchors to open up larger images in light box.
I tried excluding: com_jce, plg_jcemediabox. It is not working.
Any idea what would be the exact way of excluding this component? Can I specify the directory where the JCE extension is installed?

If I can get this bit to work, the Lazy Load will be 100% functional.

Any help is much appreciated.

5 years 4 months ago #8533 by gorangrovoes
I've also tried "com_jcepopup"- no luck.
Developer, are you there, please? Any help, please? I would love to launch my website, but can't do until this issue is sorted out. You help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
5 years 4 months ago #8539 by Uhtred
Hi Gorangrovoes,

this is the user to user support section, the developer does not read this section and is not informed about new threads! If you want to contact the developer, then you have to buy a support subscription!

I am not really sure, but I think that you can not exclude image with certain properties. If you don't use the mediabox on every page, then you could exclude the execution on these pages.

To exclude images with special properties would be indeed a great feature! I will send you feature request to the developer.

5 years 4 months ago #8542 by gorangrovoes
Thanks for letting me know that the developer doesn't read this forum, Vitja.
I though that, when I made the donation, I would be posting in a place where he will read it and provide support. I shall get in touch directly then.

Unfortunately I do want can not exclude those pages as they have most images and would defeat the purpose of using this plugin in the first place.

Cheers mate!
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