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3 years 2 weeks ago #9699 by Karin
I have never restored a bakcup and I very much fear I shall not accomplish if I do not have a more step by step instruction. Thanks for your assistance (Despite my name, I do not speak German, unfortunately).


3 years 2 weeks ago #9702 by Vitja
Hey Karin,

thank you for activating a support subscription.

First, I wondered why you did the request in English... :-D

What exactly is your scenario? Do you switch from a major release to another or do you have a backup and want to restore the data to the same version of the component?


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2 years 11 months ago #9758 by Karin
Hi, It is alway compulsory to have the knowledge of backup restoration but at the moment I am in the process of migrating a site I am in charge of (my Parish) from J-2.5 to 3.xx and I need to know exactly how the restore works in case of failure. I am not using Akeeba because the extraction tool Kickstart is not compatible with Security gate 22, which is the one defined by my host.

But now I have a further query: I could backup the site successfully the first time but the in next attempts the process failed, every one of them. Error message in Spanish means that an unexpected problem does not allow the server to carry on the request:

Ha surgido un problema inesperado que impide que el servidor pueda llevar a cabo la solicitud.

Now I am in a rush to move forward with the migration and not having the possibility of a trustworthy backcup keeps me form going ahead, so I would very kindly urge a solution to my queries.

Thanks in advance,
2 years 11 months ago #9759 by Karin
If I cannot use the extension, it is unlikely that I will renew the subscription. Thank you.
2 years 11 months ago #9761 by Vitja
Hi Karin,

it's easy to restore a backup.

  1. Download and unzip the backup archive locally.
  2. Upload all files to the server with a FTP program.
  3. Import the SQL file (*.sql) into the database (e.g. with phpMyAdmin).
  4. If you the database has changed (e.g. move to another server), then you have to open the configuration.php and edit the SQL parameters:
public $host = '';
public $user = '';
public $password = '';
public $db = '';

That's all!

Error 500 is triggered by the server, in this case most likely the backup process hits a limitation on the server (memory, webspace etc.). Without the exact error notice from the logs I can not say what the problem is. Please contact your hoster for the error logs!

Have success with the update to Joomla! 3.x!

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