Joomla 3.8 URL Routing | Remove IDs from URLs

9 months 1 week ago #10788 by daveskye

I have a large website with hundreds of articles being displayed using the blog menu item.

I wish to switch to the new Joomla 3.8 URL Routing system that remove article IDs from URLs.

If i switch this on then the SEO data is lost. How can it switch on the new URL Routing and keep the SEO data?

Hope you can help!

Cheers. - Dave.

9 months 3 days ago #10789 by Vitja
Hi Dave!

Really sorry for the delayed response, I was too busy in the last couple of weeks.

How are the URLs stored in the database? Absolutely or relatively? Do you use internal URLs or is the compatibility mode activated?

It should not be a big issue, in worst case you could export the EFSEO table from the database, adjust the URLs in your editor (remove the IDs) and import the data back into the database.

Please also keep copy of the EFSEO table export just to be sure if something goes wrong!


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