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11 months 3 weeks ago - 11 months 3 weeks ago #10737 by vthomas
Hi, We kept these settings as "No" until I was sure the client liked your product. They do.
Now, I want the data they have created, now stored in the EFSEO tables, to be stored in the joomla content table and menu table. I changed the settings "Save Data to Content Table" and "Save Data to Menu Table" to Yes and Page title, respectively. Then, I visited a couple of web pages, then checked those actual articles (backend of joomla) and did not see the custom description displayed in the article (meta description, meta keywords in publishing tab).

So my question is, what causes the data saved in the EFSEO tables to be moved to the Joomla tables? Do I have to do more than I have? And when they have moved, the custom data will be displayed in the article info, correct? (meta description, meta keywords in publishing tab)

I am about to use an addon that will take the custom descriptions and titles they have provided via EFSEO, and use them to create Facebook Open Graph tags. However, it grabs this data from the joomla article and menu tables, which is why I need the custom data moved to those tables.

11 months 3 weeks ago #10741 by Vitja
Hi vthomas,

thank you for activating the Support subscription.

This option only works if you you save the data manually from the frontend in the modal window (you have to be logged-in):


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Thank you, I thought I had tested that. But, today, yes ... works just as you say! Vicky
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