login always fails first spam check

3 years 2 months ago #9734 by ernestm
First let me thank you for wonderful plugins, I wish I had more money to support you better.

this plugin is really great, for a long time I had a problem with it always accepting users even if they entered the wrong number with calc checks. I looked through the code and could find no problem, and after many hours of experimentation, I found it was because I am also running the Extrawatch component. When I disabled Extrawatch on the login page,it works. However, regular recaptcha works fine with extrawarch so there is some minor problem with the code which isnt that important to most users, so I am not asking for a fix. .

Now I have it working, though, I notice the first spam check fails exery time with calc check, even if the number is correct. I was wondering if you had encountered that before and know why.

3 years 2 months ago #9735 by ernestm
Oh, I c hecked the system, and the only other plugin I am running is your own 'force password complexity', which I have set tot hes same password requirements as Joomla, but I added it because the 'password reset' in 3.4 siill does not enforce password requirements. I put a not on that, and using your plugin for it, on the Joomla admin forums.
3 years 2 months ago #9744 by Vitja
Hey ernestm,

sorry for the delayed response, I was on a business trip.

Thank you for the report. I've never used the extension "ExtraWatch". Sounds like there is an incompatibility with this extension. Since now it works partly, could you check whether the problem with the wrong valid check on the first attempt still exists if you deactivate the option "Encode all input fields"?

Does the problem still occur if you disable the plugin FPC?


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3 years 1 month ago #9766 by ernestm
Thank you for your reply. I decided to keep your ECC+ plugin and ditch Extrawatch in favor of Clicky, which is a little more expensive overall but works much better.

As the Joomla developers were kind enough to fix the password security flaw of not forcing passwords to meet Joomla's own restrictions when resetting it, in Joomla v3.4.1, I also disabled the FPC plugin. As far as I know, it now all works perfectly,

FYI, I did find the ECC plugin did not work if I had no Jquery installed, and for a long time last year I was getting hundreds of bots logging in because Joomla was not loading jquery without conflict with mootools in the default template. I dont require jquery on the rest of the site, so what I did was remove the login module from all the pages, and instead just have a button to open the login form. But it took a long time to open the login page because it needed jquery. So I made an invisible module at the bottom of every other page which loads jquery deferred. Then, when people go to the login page, jquery is already cached and it works really fast. And I disabled mootools and bootstrap altogether in a template override. It's not the most elegant solution but it really improved site performance by at least a second.
3 years 1 month ago #9769 by Vitja
Good to hear, thank you for the feedback!

Have success with you Joomla! project.

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