Cowntdown on a daily base

5 years 6 months ago - 5 years 6 months ago #8170 by Meatros

I am wondering...
I would like to use the countdown module for my Joomla page.

Can i adjust something? of how can i make sure the following will happen?

>> Every day at 13:00 the countdown has to stop.

So before that you can see the time.... and after that it doesn't show any time anymore.
But at midnight it has to start running again untill 13:00

Is that possible?
or do i have to create 365 events???


5 years 6 months ago #8179 by Uhtred
Hi Meatros,

this is not possible in the current version. You could rewrite the module for your needs or give the developer an order (use the contact form).

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