Bug when using Simple Image Gallery on the same page

6 years 8 months ago #4536 by kory27
Hello All,

I figured it out, but I want to post this to help others.

If you are using Simple Image Gallery on the same page of RIE 1.7, and you aren't using the same lightbox style, i.e. Slimbox, Shadowbox, and Milkbox, as your Simple Image Gallery lightbox style the following may/will occur:

When you click to enlarge an image in the SIG, it will open 2 lightboxes. First, the RIE style, then the SIG style on top of it. The browser will then need to X out of both of the images.

Kinda annoying.

To remedy, make sure your RIE style matches. For me, I selected the Slimbox style and it only opened one larger image for the SIG image clicked.

Hope that helps someone.


6 years 8 months ago #4539 by Vitja
Hello Kory,

that is not a bug, it is a normal behaviour if you use diffent JS applications on one site. It has nothing to do with these extensions!

Have success with RIE and SIGE!


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6 years 8 months ago #4541 by kory27
Good to know.

It was really frustrating for my level of developer, so I thought it would be good to get it out there if other encountered it too.

Take care,

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