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The extension is briliant, thank you very much. Only one question, could you give me an idea on how to use the Robots field properly? I mean, how do I include and exclude specific links or is it simply not possible using this tool?

Many thanks,


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Hi Sergio,

I don't understand the intention of your question. Why don't you search for the "robots attribute" in a search engine and check yourself how it works? It has nothing to do with the plugin, the plugin does not change the function of the attribute. It gives you the possibility to change this tag in the frontend.

Here is a description:
Here you can find a good list what you can use in the robots tag:

Have success!

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Hi Vitja!

Thank you very much for your reply, I will check the links you gave me and find out a little bit more about the subject. Apart from my lack of knowledge with the robots section I'm finding the tool very useful, well done and many thanks :)
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