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Hello there,

I have problems displaying spamcheck on all forms. It is displayed only on forgot password(or forgot username, dunno, one of those). I am using Warp 6.1 and customizing one of yootheme's templates. I checked other posts about this problem but I don't think I'm able to work around this on my own.
If you need credentials, I've sent those in e-mail.


p.s. offtopic -> Why in version 2.5 plugin is system and not captcha ? So if it was type captcha, it could've been used in all forms ?

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Hi Stefanbree,

first of all, try this:

Delete the overrides of your template in template/your-template/html or just rename html in html2.

Do you see the spam check?

To your offtopic question - read these entries:


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