Critical error code - but why?!

6 years 7 months ago #4983 by gofave
Critical error code - but why?! was created by gofave
I just installed SIGE and wanted to customize it as shown on the demo page. But whenever I add a parameter like crop=1 I get an error code that I dont understand.

[sigplus] Critical error: Image gallery folder tegning/blyant,crop=1 is expected to be a path relative to the image base folder specified in the back-end.

Whenever I don't use the customization codes It works with no errors.
I'm confused and annoyed. The plugin is the perfect solution to my website if I can only get it to work!


6 years 7 months ago #4985 by Vitja
Replied by Vitja on topic Critical error code - but why?!
Hi gofave!

The error is not caused by SIGE. You also have the plugin SIGPlus installed (you can see it in the error message -> [sigplus]).

Never use plugins with the same syntax call ({gallery}) at once! Just uninstall or deactivate SIGPlus and everything should be fine.

Have success!

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