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Hello everybody,

I use SIGE on my private sites and I am very pleased with it.

There is only one feature that is not really nice.

My articles always contain buttons for social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook hat a "share"-button and if a visitor clicks it, he can share this article on the pinwall of him/herself , a friend or a group.

Normally it looks like this.

But when the thumbnails are generated by SIGE, there are "no" images in the article (no <img src="xxx.jpg" />-tag) and than this is shown:

Whis doesn't look very nice on the wall in Facebook.

Is there a way to avoid this without adding extra images in an article?

Best regards, Rob

6 years 7 months ago #4778 by Vitja
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Hi Rob!

the facebook crawler doesn't see the gallery, because it is executed in run-time when you open the site with your browser. That is why you see the syntax of the gallery you have entered.

You could do a small trick:

Add in the index.php of your template this instruction in the <html> section:
<link rel="image_src" href="PATHTOANIMAGE" />
PATHTOANIMAGE should be a path to a real image. So the crawler will select this image first!

Have success!

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