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Daily Count Down Timer was created by saurabh
Hi, thanks for the great module,

I wanted to showcase the stock market opening timer with coundown example:

Stock market Timings: 9am to 3.30pm

If a user visits the site at 8.30am then the countdown timer shows: Markets to open in 0Hrs::30mins::0secs
If the user visits sthe site at 2.30pm then the module shows: Markets close in 1Hrs::0mins::0secs

+ A possiblity to add holidays as eg.. Saturday, Sunday...... Christmas

is this possible.

I cant understand the rest of forum as many entries are in a language unknown to me, so pls excuse me if this question has been asked earlier.


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Hi Saurah,

sorry, I didn't see your request.

In the new version for Joomla! 1.7 you can specify as many events as you need. This could solve the problem you are facing with.

Due to lack of time this feature won't be available in the version for Joomla! 1.5.


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