Donation codes for Kubik-Rubik Joomla! Extensions

Will the Kubik-Rubik Joomla! Extensions get pay ware? No, not at all! I will not get "more expensive" than ever, this won't change, so sit back and learn what this is all about! If you have a fuzzy feeling at the moment, rest assure I will stick to my motto, my extensions are for free and it will stay so!

Motivated through different changes at the Joomla! Community and the related work on my extensions I decided to make a leap forward which I would like to explain in detail.

I see "Open Source" as a community which works together and divides the good and bad times in the same way. This applies as well to the financial aspect, where dividing is as fashionable as the exchange of experiences and help with challenges.

I will stay on my track, where no money is generated I won't ask for it. But, and this applies to all my extensions, where money flows I will ask for a donation in a more visible way, referring to the "Open Source" principle explained above. Where income is generated, such as selling web design, Agents or on commercial websites, I will remind the person in charge intensively to support my work by showing a "nag-screen" on each extension. That’s why I started the new donation system.

So what will really change on my extensions?
Despite the "nag-screen" at the settings page of my extensions… nothing! My extensions are still 100% usable for free (there are no "Light" or "Pro" versions). I will never remove any functionality that is already available. Everybody can continue to use my extensions as usual and doesn't have to donate anything if he might live with the hint at the extensions settings page.

Yes, I want to help Kubik-Rubik with a donation, how do I do this?

The activation of an account and generating the donation code is easy and just needs some steps:

  • Register and Activate - When logged in, select the "Donation Code" package at the subscription system: Subscription system
    All information about the procedure is shown in the description of the package. Payment possibilities are Pay Pal or bank transfer. Pay Pal will be processed automatically and in a few minutes you are set to generate your donation code. Choosing bank transfer will take longer, as I have to wait for the bank receipt and then I will set your status manually. This may take some days to unlock, please be patient.
    The account is created automatically after the activation of a subscription.
  • Generate - After activating the "Donation Code" package you are enabled to generate your codes in the Donation Code Management. The administration page, also found at the submenu of this page, can only be accessed by donors when they are logged in. After a new subscription you have to log out and log in back once to activate the new user level!
  • Fill-in - The donation code should be inserted to all my extensions using the slide "Donation Code", residing at the domain for which the codes had been generated.
  • Increase domains - Activate another Donation Code subscription to increase the quota for generating more donation codes.

What does this mean for you?

You are a private website owner which isn't using the site commercially? In this case you may continue to use my extensions without feeling guilty in any way and you might send me a little donation to support my work, but you don't have to. Actually, I do not count with you supporting my work directly… and that's why I am even happier to receive such donations, living the "Level-Up" and "Open Source" idea!

You are a private website owner which generates cash flow through the Joomla! Website? In this case you probably don't have a problem with the "nag-screen". But I would ask you to consider, that since Joomla! 1.0 all my extensions have been updated and migrated to the actual versions. This guarantees the continuity of the extensions you are using. This is handy, right? You wish this wouldn't stop and you are counting with my work for the next Joomla! generation to come? Then consider a donation which is my motivation for your convenience! Think about the Level-Up idea which explains all the "sharing" in all respects.

You are a web designer or an agency, creating and selling Joomla! based websites? Then check out the message of my extensions at the backend carefully. Did you ever thought about your customer stumbling over it? What will he think about your work, which he paid for? Your calculation is simple. I ask for a fixed price for all my extensions used for a specific domain, regardless the deployed Joomla! version. So just raise the sales price by the price of one donation code, donate the amount and you receive the donation code to deactivate the "nag-screen". Now you might think: "Why should I spend money when I might edit the code, thanks to the GPL-License, disabling the message?" Yes, this possibility exists. But, however, remember that after each update of the extension the message will return and will be visible for your customer. Manually removing the code would be just a temporary "solution" and is not permanent. If you calculate the time to alter the code every time you update, you'll see quickly that’s not worth it! A small donation will cost you less than the hours working on it. You will prevent as well any nasty surprises with your customers.

I hope I explained thoroughly the three most probable / important cases and I could dispel the initial bad feelings. I am happy to answer any further questions but I really hope you support this important step.


This FAQ is intended for a better understanding of the donation model.

What are the codes good for?

With a donation you may generate a code for one domain. This code will deactivate permanently the donation message aka "nag-screen" situated in the red box at the top of the settings. The donation will help me to offer extensions for free, today and in future.

How does this message look like anyway?

Spendencode - Hinweis im Backend bei Kubik-Rubik Joomla! Erweiterungen

Do I create any contractual obligations?

No, it is a "non-obligation" donation. It is an expression of gratitude for my work which I am doing for 8 years now, serving the Joomla! community.

I need several codes. Are there any discounts?

Yes, there is a quantity discount on the codes. The discount is graded as follows:
from 2 codes - 5%, from 3 codes - 10%, from 5 codes - 15%, from 10 codes - 20%, from 50 codes - 30%.
Attention: The discount is only available when creating the subscription, a later credit is not possible!

Is it possible to generate a code for my localhost (local server environment)?

No, this is not possible. Nonetheless, a donation is welcome at any time!

Is the donation code valid for only one extension per domain?

No, the donation code isn't limited to an extension. For each domain you will receive a unique donation code, that’s why it is limited per domain. With only one donation code you may deactivate the donation message in all the Kubik-Rubik extensions on the same domain.

Will I have to get a new donation code for the next Joomla! version?

No, the code will remain valid forever. The code is limited to the domain only and the Joomla! version does not matter. If the domain changes you would have to generate new donation codes. Therefore, you should generate the donation code only for the final domain.

Is the donation code valid for subdomains?

No, each code is valid for just one domain i.e. for each Joomla! installation you will have to generate a unique donation code.
Please note: "www." is a subdomain, but is treated separately! One code is valid for both variants (with or without "www.").
Tip: The code might be used several times if installed in subdirectories, as only the domain and not the path is relevant. ;-)

How to generate the donation code easy as possible?

At the settings of the extension (aka "nag-screen") you will find the complete domain which should be used to generate the donation code. For your comfort it is advised to copy / paste the shown domain into the key-generator at the donation code management.

How is the code checked?

The code is checked by a special script on this project website using cURL or allow_url_fopen methods, where cURL is preferred. If both methods are not available, then no check is performed. Please make sure that at least one of the two methods is activated on the server!

How do I increase the contingent? Must I create an account for each domain?

No, the quota can be increased by activating another Donation Code subscription. The amount of codes will be added automatically once the subscription was paid.

I have activated a donation code subscription. Can I also use the support forum with it?

For support you require a support subscription. The donation code subscription gives you access to the donation code management, not the support forum.

I donated and changed my mind. Will I get my money back?

No, it is a voluntary donation with no contractual obligations or bindings. After a donation (= creation of the account with required privileges) it is possible to generate an unlimited valid donation code and thus I cannot refund a donation.

I don't want to donate. Do I have any restrictions?

No, all extensions are fully operational without the donation code. The only caveat, if you want to call it that, is the "nag-screen" in the settings of the extensions.

Do I need a donation code to deactivate the link in the frontend?

No, in all extensions the visible link in the frontend can be deactivated in the settings of each extension. Although a code is not necessary, I expect from you that you activate a donation code subscription if you deactivate the link!

So why should I donate? I may delete the query easily myself... thanks to GPL!

Reread the whole text again and keep in mind, if this approach is conductive to the survival of my free extensions...