VCNT upgrade from J2.5 to J3.5

2 Jahre 3 Wochen her #10252 von ismail

just migrated one of my site from Joomla 2.5 to 3.5. In joomla 2.5, all visitorcounter information where located in grouped lines (as expected) in joomla 3.5, there is an empty line between the counters. Template used was and is Beez5. Where can I correct that?

Thank you very much

2 Jahre 3 Wochen her #10253 von ismail
I forgot to check the box to be notified... Sorry.
2 Jahre 3 Wochen her #10255 von Vitja
Hello Ismail,

first of all, thank you for activating a support subscription.

Have you already updated to the latest VCNT version for Joomla! 3.x?

It looks like the lines are added over CSS of the template, can you please post the link where I can analyze the output in your template with the help of the browser console. Then I can give you the correct CSS instructions to solve this issue.


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