Router Problem in Joomla 3.7, plg_nonseftosef_v3.1.2

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When trying to post this I got a message saying I had to many URLs in this post so I had to remove a few which will decrease the relevant information I'm afraid... Maybe you can send me an email that I can reply to with the full post (no URLs removed)?

I wonder if you could possibly help me:

I've discovered a "router problem" in my Joomla 3.7 site. I'm almost sure the problem occurred after update to Joomla 3.7. On this site I also had plg_nonseftosef_v3.1.2 (have been testing it for a few months). I've since uninstalled it to try to trouble shoot but the URLs still don't go back to the standard Joomla ID URLs so I suspect it's still there somehow...

The URL issue is visible in these 3 ways:


The links in the category module at the bottom left (Senaste bloginlägg).

When hovering those links from HOME they are correct. For example

But from this page they become weird and gives a 404. For example

The same weird pattern with these URLs appear on all pages except HOME.


When using the Joomla search on the website the search results also generates weird URLs.

For example, the search term: “förstudie” will give you the result (article) "Arbetsgång: komplexa webbplatser”. If you click it it gives a 404,

The correct URL for this article is: [REMOVED URL]


These weird URLs also shows up as "bad links" in a link checker.

I have the exact same URL issue at both my live site [REMOVED URL]
and on my dev site (where I'm working on a new version) dev3 [REMOVED URL]

EXTENSION plg_nonseftosef_v3.1.2

Earlier I had this plugin installed at both live site & dev site. Since I wanted to trouble shoot I uninstalled it at . But what's also weird is that the standard Joomla ID URLs don't come back even though the plugin is no longer installed.

At [REMOVED URL] the plugin is still installed and enabled.

What made me suspicious was that I saw that it hasn't been updated since July 2016 [REMOVED URL]. I was thinking that it might not be compatible with J 3.7.

In any case I really like what this extension does so I hope it's something that can be fixed. I'm prepared to contribute of course (depending on the price).

At Dev3 [REMOVED URL] there's just a Joomla standard .htaccess. At [REMOVED URL] there's a more complicated one generated with Admin Tools. But I suspect the problem has nothing to do with .htaccess since it occurs on both sites.

Now I've described the problem the best way I know how to but since I'm not a developer my knowledge level is not very advanced I'm afraid.

Would you be able to help do you think and would you be able to give me a rough price estimate?

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Hello formfranska,

first of all, thank you for activating the support subscription!

I'm sorry to disappoint you, NSTS will not help you with this problem. The plugin redirects internal URLs ( such as: ) to non-SEF URLs ( such as: ).

Your problem must be related to the router changes that were merged into Joomla! 3.7 but were not "activated" yet ( postponed to Joomla! 3.8 ). Honestly, I'm not sure what the source of the problem is that you are facing on your test site and would have to debug it.

I could help you with this problem ( at least try to solve it :-) ) but since it has nothing to do with my extensions I would have to charge you on an hourly rate. If you want, then please send me more details about the website instance and a backup dump (please a link so that I can download and debug it locally) via email. We can negotiate the price via email before I'll start to work on it. Please use the email address from the Contact page ( ).


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Thank you Vitja,

I'm so happy you want to give it a try and fix this problem. I will prepare a backup with a super user for you and email it.

(Sorry it took me some time to reply to your very quick answer but I didn't get a notification from the forum.)

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Dear Vitja,

I had completely forgotten about another plugin, Direct Alias Pro, I had installed and was reminded by an update prompt today. And when I updated it today (plg_system_directaliaspro_1.1.6) the router problem was solved. Now the URLs are normal and all links work again!

Sorry for bothering you with this but at least I discovered it before you had time to start any work :-)

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Thank you for the update!

PS: I just answered your email but received the following error message after I've sent it:

In diesem Beitrag ist für Gäste nicht alles sichtbar. Bitte melde dich an, oder registriere dich.

Maybe you should check the server configuration?


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