Lazy Loader - exclude class not working

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Lazy Loader - exclude class not working wurde erstellt von BasilC

I've installed LLFJ on one of my websites and it's working well. However, on a second, bigger and more complex website, there's a problem.

On the home page of the website ( ) the section entitled Latest News and Comments is generated by Simple RSS Feed Reader. The images are reduced in size by mobify. An image address will look like this:

If I have LLFJ enabled, the images don't show and when I look in the page source I find URLs like this:

<img class="srfrPgcImage" src=" " alt="Palmers Green Safer Neighbourhood News" />

In other words, LLFJ is trying to put a link to its blank image.

I thought this could be easily fixed by excluding the img class srfrPgcImage - but that doesn't work. I've also tried excluding the component used for the home page, which is com_blankcomponent. Again, no joy.

So I've had to disable LLFJ

Any advice?

(By the way, the desktop template already has lazy loading, which is built into the Shape5 template. However, I need LLFJ because the mobile template is completely different, it's Jtouch3.

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Hi BasilC,

first of all, thank you for activating the Support Subscription.

I've just tested the mentioned module on my local environment and it worked properly with LLFJ. I used the default RSS feeds that are pre-defined after the first installation.

I could also exclude the images using the CSS class. Did you set the option Toggle selection - Exclude by class to Yes?

If this doesn't help, how do you create the RSS feeds? Are they created internally or externally? What is the URL of the feed? I need to be able to reproduce it on my environment.


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Thanks Vitja.

This is a rather unusual set-up - the module is used to combine two RSS feeds, both coming from the website itself! It was the only way I could think of to combine the articles and the Kunena forum posts into a single list.

The feeds to the desktop home page are:

Image handling is set to Extract first image only, resize using a web service, hide others. This is where the Mobify url comes in.

There is a similar Simple RSS feed reader module on the home page of the mobile version of the website.

I did set Exclude by Class to Yes.

I have modified the Simple RSS Feed Reader template to get the format that I want.
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Hi Vitja,

I think I've found the source of the problem, though I don't really understand it.

I've been experimenting on my development website, which is a copy of the live website for playing around with.

What I didn't explain before is that the Simple RSS Feed Reader module is embedded in another module using Modules Anywhere. The outer module has the words "Latest News and Comments" with the green background.

If I take the RSS module out of this other module and just put it straight into the module permission, the images display OK.

I need to do some further checking before I transfer this to the main website, but I'm pretty sure this is the solution. As I'm using a custom template, I can just add the text and green area to the start of the module template rather than having a module in a module.

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Hey Basil,

thank you for the detailed explanation.

I would have to debug it on my local machine to be able to understand it. But it's great that you've found a solution for your special constellation!

I wish you success!

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