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EFSEO component shows different than actual web page

11 Monate 3 Wochen her - 11 Monate 3 Wochen her #10738 von vthomas
I have two articles set to "index, follow" in EFSEO (front end) (actually, all articles are set to this) and this correctly shows in article code, but in EFSEO componenet (backend of joomla) a big, red X implies a different setting. Can you explain what the red x means? Thank you, Vicky

11 Monate 3 Wochen her #10742 von Vitja
Hi Vicky,

the red x means that not all fields have been set, in this case the keywords fields are empty.

If you don't want to set this field, then you can simply ignore the last column!


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11 Monate 3 Wochen her #10745 von vthomas
Thank you for that clarification! Vicky
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