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SIGE - Open URL when found in IPTC Core information in JPG

6 Tage 17 Stunden her #11018 von fhesse
Hello Viktor, team,
I love SIGE and use it for reports from print media since a long time with the help of caption.txt and JPGs.
www.wassermühle-karoxbostel.de/index.php/pressespiegel (10. August based on captions.txt)

Now I need to mix press reports from print and online providers - both are just JPGs.
I will use the gallery like: {gallery}WMK-Pressespiegel/aktuell,list=1,nodebug=1,iptc=1,iptcutf8=1,resize_images=1,width=1024,height=1024,ratio_image=1{/gallery}

For JPGs with an URL provided in IPTC Core: 'Contact-URL' please show an icon (link print=1) to open the URL in a separated window to read the full online press report. Or show 'Follow Link' like the hovering 'prev' and 'next' when showing the JPGs.

Even better with an adjustable text to indicate the URL follow possibility.

Thanks and Best regards

4 Tage 11 Stunden her #11021 von fhesse
Hello Viktor,
the sort option should although rely a date/time in IPTC-Core: created time.
For my need newest first descending is needed.

Best Regards
1 Tag 15 Stunden her #11024 von Vitja
Hello Frank,

Thank you for activating the Support subscription and your feature requests.

Regarding the IPTC improvements: Could you please send me some images with added required IPTC data (URL and date) via email?

Regarding the URL: This can be added as an icon easily but it's not really feasible to add it as a hover element because I would have to modify all provided JS views.


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