Show SEF URLs on "Manage Entries" page?

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Show SEF URLs on "Manage Entries" page? wurde erstellt von DanaB
Joomla newbie here. I want to manage SEO data from the "Manage Entries" page - can SEF URLs be shown here? I cannot figure out how to relate the URL shown to content or products on the site without a lot of extra/confusing work.

Or better yet I'd love to navigate through the site to update each page or product (we are using JoomShopping for products). I viewed your 10 minute video intro twice - and I do not see the SEO data above the page like you show in the video. I tried to update the settings to show this and not sure what I'm doing wrong.

I appreciate any help you can provide

Joomla 3.8.10
EFESEO 3.4.0
JoomShopping 4.7.0
Other settings attached - and I have duly searched everything related to EFESEO and URLs.


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Hi DanaB,

Thank you for activating the Support subscription.

You have to be logged-in in the frontend to be able to see the EFSEO toolbar (to open the modal window). This is the easiest way to maintain all pages with EFSEO. Please sign-in using the login module or the login page of the users component (by adding ?option=com_users to the main domain URL) into the frontend and use the EFSEO buttons to modify the meta data directly for each page. To see the buttons, the plugin must be enabled and you need to use the correct user group (default: Super User).

What you can also do is to enable the option "Collect URLs" in the plugin settings. With this option EFSEO will store all new URLs into the EFSEO table and you can modify them using the backend component.

Have success!

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