Kubik-Rubik Joomla! Extensions - Qualitative, free extensions for Joomla!

AIB - Author Info Box

Display important information about the author above or underneath the article in an author info box!

CDUB - CountDown-Up Big

Small and quick countdown module for unlimited number of event entries (with count up function).

EFSEO - Easy Frontend SEO

Edit or add relevant metadata such as title, description, generator and keywords directly in the frontend.

J!TS - J!TinySlideshow

With this module you can create a slideshow (text or images) with a nice slide or fade effect.

OYL - Obscure Your Links

Obscure easily internal and external links in Joomla! or use this plugin as a webcode generator.

VCNT - Visitorcounter

This module is a complete visitor counter for Joomla! with numerous features and backend info.